About JPA (Overview of the Association)
To be referred as the Japan Photographers Association (JPA in short).

The Association is intended to strengthen their research, creative expression and record with photographs and to contribute to the development of culture of society.

In order to perform the purpose described above, the Association will do the following activities:
  1. to hold a photo workshop, exhibition and lecture.
  2. to promote a creation and research of photography.
  3. to research and spread the copyright photograph.
  4. to promote the international exchanges of cultural activities of photographers.
  5. to issue the newsletter for the exchange of information among members and books to perform the purpose of the association.
  6. to do the activities related to the listed above.
The JPA Exhibition (Art Exhibition of Members and Public Competition), please click here. (in Japanese)

3rd Floor, Ginza Wisteria bldg.,
1-19-3 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-0061

Phone: +81-3-3535-6251, FAX: +81-3-3535-6250
E-mail: jpa@jpa-photo.com

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The Association was founded in May 1989 as Japan Photographers Association, as a voluntary organization, and was established officially by-law as an incorporated association registered in April 2010.

The Association is consisting following memberships:
  1. Regular member
    Individual person, who is active in research or creative expression or record of photography, and agrees to the purpose of the Association.

  2. Supporting member
    Individual person, corporation or institute, who agrees to support the activities and agrees to the purpose of the Association.

  3. Honorary chairman
    The General Meeting of Member can approve a person as Honorary chairman under the recommendation of the board, who has tenured for many years as the chairman, committed to the achievement and contributed to the honor of the Association.

  4. Honorary member and Adviser
    The General Meeting of Member can approve person as honorary member or adviser under the recommendation of the board, who has long academic experiences and contributed to the Association.

The regular member is only the official Members legally, however, the Association call generally as Member the supporting member and others in our association.

Total membership as of March 2012 is 433, constituting with 413 regular members, 15 supporting members, 1 honorary chairman, 2 honorary members and 2 advisers.

Regular member is composed of professional and amateur photographer, editors, writer, creative photographer, researchers, critic, educator and people involved in the photography widely.
(Please refer to the member list.)

Supporting members are mainly companies who are business related with the Association or sponsor the activities of the Association.

Honorary chairman, member and Adviser
Current honorary chairman, honorary members and advisers as of March 2012 are the following (In alphabetical order):
Honorary Chairman Sumiharu Watanabe
Honorary Member Yutaka Ohno
Adviser Kunio Kawaguchi, Kojo Tanaka

Directors and Secretary-General
Introducing herewith the directors and the Secretary-General, who constitute the executive committee (In alphabetical order, as of June 21, 2012):
Chairman Ichiro Tsuda
Vice-Chairman Koshi Miwa, Hiroshi Yamada
Executive Director Naotaka Ban
Director Tadayasu Hayatsu, Yuko Imaida, Shizuo Kawagishi, Satoshi Niwa
Auditor Mitsutaka Maeno, Yuzo Takeuchi
Secretary-General Masaaki Takegami

Articles of Incorporation
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Here, introducing the history of the Association.

For the purpose of fostering the creation of culture and education of young photographers, the Association was established in 1989, aiming the establishment of a public benefit.

The opening ceremony was held on May 30, then the inaugural general meeting on September 25. There were Jun Miki as founding chairman, 219 founding members including amateur photographers as well as professional photographers, writers and creative artists, photo researchers, critics, editors, such as educators from wide fields.

In 1990, has joined to National health insurance union of Literary Art.
In 1991, was appointed as the organization of National training programs eligible to receive a designation an emerging artist and as the recommending agency for studying-abroad program.
In 2010, has established officially by-law as an incorporated association registered in April 2010.

The main activities in the past
Held the JPA Exhibition 22 times, Public competition of JPA nine times, JPA Forum (lecture + workshop, panel discussion, etc.) twice and seminar (lecture) 43times. Further to above, have published the photo book of JPA member 9 times, JPA EXPRESSION (exhibition), JPA workshop (Research Group on photo), and photography class for general public, etc.
As the trainee studying-abroad under national training program of Agency for Cultural Affairs, 8 members of the Association have completed their training so far.
In addition, the Association accepted 2 foreign trainees under the training program.
Supported many exhibitions like "The Family of Man", "Margaret Bourke-White retrospective" and the photo exhibition by members.
Offered a JPA PRIZE to Grand Prize winner of "Photo Salon, Tokyo" by All Tokyo Photo Federation.

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The guide to join JPA
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Member's work
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