About JPA - Guide to join JPA

We, JPA, are looking for fellows working together with us in the field of photography.
Regular membership
We look for the people who wish to be the member of the Association targeting the following:
Those involved in related fields to photography like critic, director, designer, editor, and educator and photographic specialist creating new expression by photo, who must have track record of their activity.

More specifically, whichever is applicable to as follows:
  1. Have held own exhibition or published own photo book at least once in the past.
  2. Has published work on printed materials or joined to the exhibition over the past three years continuously.
  3. Has worked as the photo researchers over the past three years continuously.
  4. Is found not fit into any of the 1-3 above mentioned currently, but has promising future, under the age of 30 years.

Upon application, please submit a track record of these documents as mentioned in order to prove above-mentioned conditions, which shall be examined by the committee.

Application form
You can download application form of PDF, A4-size here.

What you need to apply for admission
When you apply, please submit the following items:
  1. Regular membership application form
    It requires the recommendation and guarantee letter by a regular member of the Association for more than three years and another regular member for more than one year also, with their signature and seal. Those who recommend and guarantee will be requested that they guarantee the level of personality and the contents of documents submitted by candidate.
  2. Portrait photo
    3 sheets of portrait, color, 24mm x 30mm marked your name on the back. One of 3 must be attached to the application form.
  3. Materials for examination
    1. Submissions required to photographers
      Either following i or ii:
      1. Works, more than 10 original prints 8x10 in. or 10x12 in. size, available in either black & white or color, with the title and caption to each work.
      2. More than 5 printed matter with credits.
    2. Submissions required for photo researchers
      Papers. (like history of photography, photographic science, photographic optics and other.)
  4. Charge for application
    3,000 yen cash to be sent by registered mail under separate cover as examination fee.

Address for submission
All of application fee, documents are to be sent to the following address:
Office of the Secretary of JPA
3rd Floor, Ginza Wisteria bldg.,
1-19-3 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 104-0061

Phone: +81-3-3535-6251, FAX: +81-3-3535-6250
E-mail: jpa@jpa-photo.com
Application will be accepted at any time.
Upon examination, membership will be approved in favor of the majority of the directors at presence, of which board meeting will be held monthly.

The payment of the annual fee and admission fee
We will send a written approval for membership and invoice for the admission fee and first year annual fee from our office of the secretary, which has to be paid before the required date.

Amount is as follows.
Admission fee
50,000yen, regardless of admission date.
The first year membership fee
Admission date Apr. May June July Aug. Sept.
Yen 30,000 27,500 25,000 22,500 20,000 17,500
Admission date Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar.
Yen 15,000 12,500 10,000 7,500 5,000 2,500
 (Our fiscal year is April to March next year.)

After confirming the payment, you will receive a membership card. (Admission date will be informed you in the approval letter).
Please attend the general meeting of the Association (held in Tokyo in late June every year), where the introduction to the members and the ceremony to rent JPA badge are made.

Benefits of Membership
  1. Badge of JPA shall be rented to the member of the Association.
  2. JPA News and internet mail-magazine will be delivered to members.
  3. JPA members are treated the same as a professional member of PENTAX'S PROMEMBER and NIKON'S NPS members and can enjoy the variety of professional services of both companies by the presentation of membership card of JPA. (Please note that these services are available only in Japan.)
  4. Professional members (freelance photographer) can be the member of The national health insurance union of Artists (subject to examination by the union).
  5. EID of the copyright owner from Japan Photographic Copyright Association is granted to JPA members.

For those who wish to be the supporting members
Either individuals or companies or organizations, please contact our office of the secretary to join as a supporting member of the association.